Challenge coins are nothing more than glorified custom coins made to your unique design specifications. These personalized coins range in size, from 1.56 inch up to 4 inches and can be made to almost any special shape.

Some custom coins are die struck brass or copper based while others are die cast zinc alloy based. The majority of the coins available for sale today are manufactured in Asia. Primarily China and South Korea. However, there are still some coins being manufactured in Turkey and Pakistan. There are very distinct differences between China made and South Korean made challenge coins, one notable difference is depth of relief. The South Korean product has deeper relief and is more expensive than their China made counterparts.

Challenge Coins

Most challenge coins on the market today are die struck (like the one above) except for very intricately designed special shaped coins or oversized coins that require the die cast process. Something else to note is coin thickness. Challenge coin thickness can and most likely will vary from vendor to vendor but usually ranges from 2mm to 4mm. Custom coin thickness will vary between the die cast and die struck process. The overall feel of the coin is largely determined by the base metal and thickness of your custom metal keepsake. You may get charged the same from vendor to vendor but are you getting an equal product in exchange for your money.

Now that you know what a challenge coins is, stay tuned for additional future posts when we dive into the challenge coin features pool. In the meantime, if you're looking to get your custom challenge coin minted, please visit me at I will be more than happy to put my expertise to work on your behalf by assisting you in creating a custom metal project that will be treasured for years to come.

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